Philip J. Croyle has engaged in the private practice of law since 1977 and in Florida since 1988, always in a small firm setting. We pride ourselves on our personal, prompt and professional service.

Personal—As a client of our firm, you are always either a call or a few keystrokes away from contact with our principal, Phil Croyle, avoiding the uncertainty and needless delays that are often present in dealing with much larger organizations. Your calls and electronic contact, whether by phone, fax or email, get the time and attention of our partner and are not filtered through innumerable hands over the course of handling your legal needs.

Prompt—The essence of law practice is timely problem-solving. Our size and physical configuration permit quick, easy and accurate handling of even the most detailed legal matter. Our attorney has dual video monitors with continual email monitoring, electronic storage of client-related records and materials, speedy call-up of those records as needed and almost immediate response to on-going matters, including generation of necessary documents. We are paper-less, our equipment creates automatic PDF documents and we are fully prepared for the imminent transition of our Florida courts to electronic filing and service of lawsuit materials.

Professional—The practice of law is a calling as well as a business. All persons that we are called to come into contact with in our practice are treated with respect and dignity and every concern is given consideration. Opposing counsel are treated as colleagues and judges are accorded the highest respect and courtesy. We value our relationships with all who have contact with us or any of our personnel. A wise man once said that a true professional seeks to put himself out of business every single day. We live this maxim by working as efficiently and effectively as possible doing those matters that truly require our services and are quick to advise otherwise. Our fees are fair and reasonable.