The cornerstone of our practice is our representation of homeowner and condominium associations. From the creation of declarations, articles of incorporation and bylaws, the drafting of amendments and rules and regulations, the collection of periodic maintenance assessments including the recording of claims of lien and the foreclosure of those claims, through the mediation, arbitration and civil trial of disputes with or among owners, we draw upon not only our legal but also our practical experiences to help our community association clients constructively deal with a wide variety of concerns. Our services to our association clients include:

CHAPTER 720, Florida Statutes--Homeowner Associations

CHAPTER 718, Florida Statutes--Condominium Associatons

CHAPTER 617, Florida Statutes--Not-for-Profit Corporations

Florida Community Association Journal, "An Ounce of Prevention, a Pound of Cure" . . ., by Philip J. Croyle,Esq. January, 2004